Alan Michl

Exeter, NE



Chuck Harris

York, NE

Vice President

Wendall Gaston

Sidney, NE


Past President

Marlene Johnson

West Point, NE





Jean Stothert

Omaha, NE



Rita Sanders

Bellevue, NE


Fred Feldges

Council Member
Alliance, NE


Sue Fuchtman

Norfolk, NE


Deb VanMatre

Gibbon, NE


Chris Beutler

Lincoln, NE


Dwight Livingston

North Platte, NE


Gerald L. Solko

Council Member
St. Paul, NE


Manager/Admin Representative

Rod Storm

City Administrator
Blair, NE


Clerks Representative

Susan Kloepping

Clerk / Treasurer
Cozad, NE


Utility Representative

Randy Woldt

Utilities Superintendent
Wisner, NE

Legislative News

Items of Interest to Municipalities

City and state leaders call for proactive approach to emerald ash borer

Lincoln Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks, Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler, Plattsmouth Mayor Paul Lambert and Dr. Scott Josiah of the Nebraska Forest Service called for cities and the state to be proactive in dealing with the emerald ash borer (EAB), which is projected to cause more than $960 million in damage statewide. Costs can be contained by taking action now. Lincoln Southeast High School Students in the background spent time wrapping ribbons around the ash trees to show the impact of EAB when it strikes.

The League of Nebraska Municipalities is a nonprofit organization of cities and villages that was established in the late 1800s to represent municipalities in the Legislature. The League’s functions include sponsoring educational seminars, publishing a magazine and newsletters, representing its member cities and villages on state advisory boards and answering technical questions. The top priority is representing its members in the legislative process.

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