Mission Statement

The mission of the League of Nebraska Municipalities is to represent the interests of member cities and villages to preserve local control and empower municipal officials to shape the destiny of their municipality and improve the quality of life of their citizens.


  1. Represent the interests of member municipalities and preserve local control by working with State Senators, the Governor, and others to promote passage of beneficial legislation and proposed constitutional amendments as well as oppose passage of bills and proposed constitutional amendments detrimental to municipalities
  2. Conduct conferences, seminars, and training programs to inform municipal officials about changes in state and federal laws, rules, and regulations, as well as provide opportunities for officials to learn about innovative strategies other municipalities have developed for addressing common concerns and challenges.
  3. Provide as much technical assistance to municipal officials as logistically and financially possible within the League's budget, including but not limited to, responding to questions from member municipalities, conducting surveys and research on issues of statewide importance, and serving as a clearinghouse for municipal issues.
  4. Coordinate activities and efforts to represent the interests of member municipalities with various state agencies, commissions, and advisory groups.
  5. Coordinate activities and work with the National League of Cities to represent the interests of Nebraska's municipalities on federal laws, regulations, and related issues.
  6. Coordinate activities and work with sections and committees of the League, including but not limited to, Utilities Section, Nebraska Municipal Clerks Association, Nebraska City/County Management Association, and the Municipal Accounting and Finance Officers.
  7. Work with municipal attorneys to address legal issues and cases of statewide concern affecting member cities and villages
  8. Communicate timely information to members through various publications, including but not limited to, weekly legislative bulletins (while in session), the Nebraska Municipal Review, Clerk's Newsletter, Utilities Section Newsletter, and other mailings and communication as needed.
  9. Publish and distribute the annual Nebraska Directory of Municipal Officials
  10. Provide a municipal insurance pool through the League Association of Risk Management (LARM) to stabilize rates, offer risk management services, and provide quality insurance coverage for those member cities and villages desiring to contract for this additional service.

Legislative News

Items of Interest to Municipalities

During the interim, or the months between regular legislative sessions, lawmakers will, among many things, consider interim study resolutions or proposals for the study of issues after the Legislature adjourns its regular session. These proposals are sent to the Legislature’s Executive Board, which refers them to the appropriate committees for consideration before next session. Committees then prioritize the resolutions referred to them. Limited time and staff usually preclude work on every resolution. Hearings on interim study resolutions typically are held in late summer or early fall and a weekly notice of those hearings is posted on the Legislature’s website at http://nebraskalegislature.gov/. A list of Interim study resolutions is available on the Legislature’s website at http://nebraskalegislature.gov/session/interim.php.
The 2015 Legislature, which will be the 104th Legislature, is scheduled to convene Jan. 7. It will be a long, or 90-day, session.