Kyle Potthoff

Public Works Director
McCook, NE

1st Vice President

Jim McGowen

Utility Superintendent
Schuyler, NE

2nd Vice President

Dennis Smith

Public Works Director
Norfolk, NE

Past President

Randy Woldt

Utility Superintendent
Wisner, NE

Board Members

Anton "Tony" Jelinek

Assistant Director of Utilities
Kearney, NE

Paul Markowski

Utility Superintendent
Ord, NE

Bob Lockmon

Utilities Superintendent
Stuart, NE

Legislative News

Items of Interest to Municipalities

During the interim, or the months between regular legislative sessions, lawmakers will, among many things, consider interim study resolutions or proposals for the study of issues after the Legislature adjourns its regular session. These proposals are sent to the Legislature’s Executive Board, which refers them to the appropriate committees for consideration before next session. Committees then prioritize the resolutions referred to them. Limited time and staff usually preclude work on every resolution. Hearings on interim study resolutions typically are held in late summer or early fall and a weekly notice of those hearings is posted on the Legislature’s website at http://nebraskalegislature.gov/. A list of Interim study resolutions is available on the Legislature’s website at http://nebraskalegislature.gov/session/interim.php.
The 2015 Legislature, which will be the 104th Legislature, is scheduled to convene Jan. 7. It will be a long, or 90-day, session.