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Water Operator Workshop Fremont

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
8:30 am3:10 pm
Water Operator Workshop Fremont

The NS-AWWA/League Water Operator's Training Workshops are designed for all water operators who are dedicated to the water industry by keeping in stride with the latest in water industry regulations and technology. We also encourage attendance of all city officials such as city council members, board members and superintendents in order to gain knowledge about the rapidly changing industry.

** Due to social distancing guidelines, Attendees must bring and wear face coverings during the workshops. ANYONE DISPLAYING SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 SHOULD NOT ATTEND. YOU MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE AND NO WALK INS ARE ALLOWED. **

Credit toward recertification for water operators (Grades 1-4) is 5 hours for day-long workshop.
Credit toward recertification for water operators (Grade 5) is 1 hour.
Credit toward recertification for wastewater is 5 hours for day-long workshop.

Registration and Fee

Participants are welcome to preregister no later than one week before attending the workshop of their choice. Fees for the workshops are $50 per person, which includes lunch and learning materials. Fee may be prepaid or directly billed. To use the direct billing option, simply fill out a registration form and we will bill you or your municipality.