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Who We Are


About the League

The League of Nebraska Municipalities is a nonprofit service association formed in 1909 to serve as a voice for Nebraska municipalities at the Nebraska Legislature.

Governed by a 15-member Executive Board comprised of municipal officials, the League has more than 395 member cities and villages. It represents municipalities whose population totals 98% of Nebraskans who live in municipalities.

Legislative Activities

The primary role of the League, since its inception in the early 1900s, has been representing the interests of city and village governments in the Legislature. As part of that primary role, every year, the League Executive Board establishes a legislative package after reviewing the recommendations of the Smaller and Larger Cities Legislative Committees.

The League of Nebraska Municipalities also provides a number of other membership services and performs a variety of important functions.

Elected and appointed officials from all first class cities serve on the Larger Cities Legislative Committee, while representatives from second class cities and villages serve on the Smaller Cities Legislative Committee. Both committees play a vital role in the formation, review and analysis of the League's legislative program.

Members of both committees attend three meetings as well as numerous subcommittee meetings during late summer and fall to consider requests for legislative action proposed by municipal officials from across the state.

Passage of bills introduced by Senators on behalf of the League requires the continued hard work of informed municipal officials from across the state. The weekly League Legislative Bulletin contains information about League bills as well as other bills affecting municipalities.

Although a great deal of time is spent advocating passage of League bills, most of our legislative efforts target those measures that limit local control and are detrimental to the interests of cities and villages.

The League's success directly relates to the dedication of State Senators and their staffs, as well as our membership involvement.

For more information about the Nebraska Legislature or to look up information on specific bills, visit the Nebraska Legislature.