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Who We Are



The mission of the League of Nebraska Municipalities is to effectively represent the interests of member municipalities to preserve local control and empower municipal officials to shape the destiny of their municipality and improve the quality of life of their citizens.


1)      To effectively represent the interests of member municipalities and preserve local control by working with State Senators, the Governor and others to promote passage of beneficial legislation and proposed constitutional amendments as well as oppose passage of bills and proposed constitutional amendments detrimental to municipalities.


2)      To conduct conferences, seminars, and training programs to inform municipal officials about changes in state and federal *laws, rules and regulations, as well as provide opportunities for officials to learn about innovative ideas and strategies other municipalities have developed for addressing common concerns and challenges.


3)      To provide to member municipalities as much technical assistance as logistically and financially possible within the League's budget, including but not limited to, responding to questions from municipal officials, conducting surveys and research on topics of statewide importance and serving as a clearinghouse for municipal issues.


4)      To coordinate activities and efforts to effectively represent the interests of member municipalities with various state agencies, commissions, and advisory groups.


5)      To coordinate activities and work with the National League of Cities to effectively represent the interests of Nebraska's municipalities on federal *laws, regulations, and related issues.



6)      To coordinate activities and work with sections and committees of the League, including but not limited to, the Utilities Section, the League Smaller and Larger Cities Legislative Committees, the Nebraska Municipal Clerks Association, the Nebraska City Management Association, and the Municipal Accounting and Finance Officers.


7)      To facilitate training, technical assistance and regulatory advocacy through the Utilities Section in order to provide expertise and information to members on laws, regulations and issues related to municipal and public works operations, including but not limited to, electric distribution, drinking water, natural gas, wastewater, streets and roads, solid waste management, stormwater discharge and building and property management.


8)      To provide an insurance pool through the League Association of Risk Management (LARM) to stabilize rates, offer risk management services, and provide quality insurance coverage for member municipalities and other public entities desiring to contract for this additional service.


9)      To work with municipal attorneys to address legal issues and cases of statewide concern affecting member cities and villages.


10)    To communicate timely information to members through various the League website, emails and other publications, including but not limited to, weekly Legislative Bulletins while the Legislature is in session, the Nebraska Municipal Review, the Clerks Newsletter, the Utilities Section Newsletter, and other mailings and communications as needed.


11)    To publish and distribute the annual Nebraska Directory of Municipal Officials.


12)    To provide an ordinance codification service for those member municipalities desiring to contract for this additional service.


*       FEDERAL LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS: Please note that the National League of Cities (NLC) has the primary responsibility to represent the interests of municipalities across the country on federal laws, rules and regulations. Due to budget and staff considerations, the League of Nebraska Municipalities (LNM) focuses on the one or two major issues identified by NLC annually to activate LNM’s membership, if necessary. LNM staff works with NLC staff and Nebraska’s Congressional Delegation on these issues and other matters of particular interest to Nebraska municipalities. LNM presents important information in League publications and conferences relating to major laws and regulations passed by Congress, i.e., Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and drinking water standards.