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The Nebraska City/County Management Association (NCMA) is pleased to be a partner in the ICMA Coaching Program. As part of the ICMA Coaching Program, Dr. Frank Benest, ICMA Liaison for Next Generation Initiatives, has provided Career Compass #64 entitled "Ten Ideas To Become a Talent Magnet."      

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The ICMA Coaching Program invites you and all of the members of your team to this free webinar.

"Creating a Culture for Cultivating Talent & Results" -- ICMA Coaching Program webinar

10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. PT (1-2:30 p.m. ET), Wednesday, June 20 (rescheduled from May 10)

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1. How can you retool your organizational culture and design your workplace for better results?
2. What are practical steps to make your agency better able to attract, grow, and retain talent?
3. What resources are available to support your efforts?


* Charlie Bush, City Manager, Sequim, WA

* Karen Niparko, Executive Director, Human Resources, City and County of Denver, CO

* Nat Rojanasathira, Admin. Services Dir., Danville, CA, and Donna Vaillancourt, Human Resources Dir., San Mateo County, CA, [reporting on Cal-ICMA Talent Development Initiative]

Audience: Leaders at all levels

Meets Practice 4. Staff Effectiveness, 7. Strategic Planning, 13. Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement

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Thank you for your important partnership with the ICMA Coaching Program.

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Brent Clark City Administrator/NCMA President 314 South 10th Ave |  P.O. Box 504, Broken Bow, NE  68822 Phone: (308) 872-8321 | Cell: (308) 870-2150 | Fax: (308) 872-6885 E-mail: